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    posted a message on MCForest (UPDATE: /Fly Enabled for Everyone!)


    Welcome to MCForest!

    Hey everyone, we have recently updated our server MCForest, and this update nearly completely changed the content of the server. We have been running the server for about a year, and we released these major changes just last month, and we are excited to share them with whoever is interested.

    Who is this server for?
    Anyone who is interested in playing survival and building with fly mode, exploring a vast custom landscape, creating towns with friends, or just socializing with others is welcome to come. It is recommended that you come with friends as well, since you can all create towns, explore, or complete quests together. However, if you prefer to play alone, our gigantic map size ensures that you can seclude yourself in a paradise somewhere far away if you venture to explore, and make sure those kids get off your lawn. We welcome everyone, which means you, so we invite you to come enjoy the experience with us.

    If any of you have suggestions about what to improve, what to add, or comments on bugs in game, you are more than welcome to tell us on our discord or on our website and we will be happy to talk with you. Now, for some further information about the server.

    (Versions 1.9.* - 1.12)


    Join with

    Join with your friends to explore and build in the vast custom generated survival world. Create a town with friends using, explore to find new biomes, explore and complete numerous quests with your friends to earn loot, and fight through custom-created mobs and enemies! Create your own player shops, and feel free to branch out and create towns and cities for other players to live in!

    - No griefing
    - No spamming
    - No impersonations
    - No glitching / hacking
    - Please use common sense and be polite

    Have fun!

    - /fly - Fly around the world to build and explore!
    - Vast survival world to explore with a 17k by 17k world border (Huge!)
    - PvE and toggle-able PVP
    - Quests - Complete quests with your friends to earn loot and various rewards!
    - Jobs to earn money! /jobs
    - Griefprevention used to protect an area, grief rollback in case you get griefed
    - Commands such as /tpa and /tpahere to go to your friends
    - Random teleport into the wilderness!
    - Shop to purchase items (But player shops are encouraged)
    - Tree assist to help you cut down large trees
    - Many in-game achievements! /aach
    - Other helpful plugins, simply type /help

    World Info:
    - 17k by 17k custom generated world
    - Hundreds of biomes and custom structures
    - Custom mobs
    - PvP
    - Quests
    - and much more!

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    posted a message on Any good parkour servers?

    What kind of parkour types do you like best? I once played on a parkour server, which was only up for a month, and they had their server set up so that the entire purpose was ranking up by completing courses. The courses were open, not in closed rooms, and they went up to the sky and did all kinds of crazy stuff. I'm not sure if that's how the servers you play on is structured or not, but that was a nice server, and I'd like to see more as well.

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    posted a message on Hosting Suggestions Please

    I am currently using ShockByte.

    Their servers are relatively cheap compared to some other hosts, their service is great in my experience, and they offer nice addons. I recommend them, go check them out!

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    posted a message on How do I enjoy this game again?
    Quote from BeardedTruck»

    I suppose I could try mods! But I've never been interested in the machinery aspect of modding. I'm more into farming and stuff that's similar to Vanilla Minecraft, but still adds more to the game (a lot more, preferably.)

    Either way, though, I'm planning to go back and play older versions that I started Minecraft with.

    Please, if you can, recommend some modpacks (or list of mods) that I might enjoy!

    It was a while ago, years, but me and my friends were getting bored and decided to install the Feed The Beast mod pack. I'm sure it is remarkably different by now, but I think what made it fun for us was the novelty, the originality, the newness of the gameplay. We had no idea what was going on, and we all agreed to not look up any tutorials online and learn it for ourselves. This made it even more exciting, because you would stumble upon amazing things while playing, and have to figure out how it all works. If you decide to use a modpack, I recommend taking this approach. Do not look up tutorials, just have fun.

    And of course, as others have said, other games are cool too.
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    posted a message on A little help with world painter

    Hello all! I am working on a new Cube World styled map and I need a little bit of help with a couple of things.

    First off, I would like to know how to make these styled roads to go around my map:

    I made the road seen in the picture using world edit but I am having trouble figuring out how to do it using world painter. The roads are made of coarse dirt and have a layer of air on top of it to sink it into the ground to make it look a bit better. I'm thinking I could use some form of brush to make these but I'm new to world painter so I'm not quite sure how.

    The next thing I need help with is how to make the rivers shown in Lentebriesje's custom cube world map: (Screenshot from his video)

    I'm assuming making these rivers are going to be a similar process to making the dirt paths.

    Finally I want to know what the best way to create these cliffs throughout my map:


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    posted a message on [POLL] What style map would you like to see in a survival server?

    That sounds cool. I could make it a lot more difficult to clear out a village or dungeon but it would have large reward throughout it (and of course only one of each type).

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    posted a message on [POLL] What style map would you like to see in a survival server?

    Seed: -3691403653024683842

    Coords of the picture: -92 / 79 / 268

    I like your idea and along with that I was thinking of putting a few organized towns down as well for players to move into and mine and what not.

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    posted a message on [POLL] What style map would you like to see in a survival server?

    Hello all! I am working on a new survival type server soon and I am wondering what everyone prefers when it comes to survival maps.

    So what do you prefer?

    EDIT: I would like to elaborate a bit. On the custom maps, there will still be ores underground at the same rate there are in a normal survival world, and there will be custom caves. The dungeons and strongholds will not be typical ones, they will also be custom build and available for a player to find and mine out.

    As far as the server goes, I am taking suggestions for more ideas as well. Thanks!

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    posted a message on [Guide] How to make your server popular.
    Quote from JacobMCGamer»
    Yes I know but what if 1 of your best friends is not a good staff? Do I have to demote him? It may ruin our friendship? Also My Server is mostly empty. Do you have any suggestions of website I should post my server on?

    From my past experience in running a server, you never want to promote your friends just because they are your friends. I did this and it practically destroyed the first couple months of my server. They stopped playing minecraft as often so I just demoted them, it wasn't too big of a problem. Find a way to explain to your friend(s) on why you have to demote them, or speak to them regarding their actions. I would only recommend promoting players you know would be fit for the job.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] The Colony ‒ The Best Creative Server ‒ No Whitelist ‒ Unique Plugins ‒ Awesome Map
    One Problem I have with this:

    I do not like how the minimal age for the server, or server staff is 13. I however, am 13 almost 14, I do know little kids are annoying, but you do not have to block them from your server, that's just very stupid. Everyone should be allowed to enjoy minecraft, and I however know some really mature 11 year olds on minecraft, that are very good at building. Just putting that out there.
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    posted a message on IZZYS TEKKIT SERVER!
    Not Being mean or anything,
    But spawn is really unorganized.
    First of all I cant even build and I told that an admin needs to promote me in order for me to get out. I was told that it is like this because they want you to read the rules.
    I looked all over spawn, no rules. I'm guessing the empty monitor screen is where the rules use to be. :L

    All I'm saying here is you need to get it better organized, such as actually making the default rank member and not guest, then hiding the secret code among the rules (Not the room).

    Thank you for your time :D ~Blazex
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    posted a message on TEKKIT Creative FreeBuild | 24/7 | 20 Slots | VIP
    Take off McBans Please,
    I was false banned from it, and no staff from it will even reply.
    Please take off McBans. Thanks.
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    posted a message on Creative Tekkit Server Open
    Why do you say it's creative, when it is rollplay. I cant even build anywhere.
    False Advertising :(
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    posted a message on ZamCraft Tekkit server [Factions] [Economy]
    Now everyone, Since i left the owner's group and took his redmatter. Let me show you what he does to people when he is mad. Abuses powers, and does not play fair. At all. :(

    Now, Most likely the owner will delete this post because he does not play fair. I was only playing the game, Simply stole his stuff, so he jails me.
    Now he is just trying to make me feel bad, and acting like a complete ****.

    Well, he said he wouldn't ban me. But looks like he just could not play fair. :( Can someone please teach this guy how to act properly to things?

    It is sad because I actually enjoyed this server. But the owner cannot play fair at all. :( I should have left in the first place, this server brought me nothing but stress.

    Zam, I hope you feel better now. I hope you feel a lot more achieved, acting like this.

    Goodbye everyone, and a good luck to you all.

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    posted a message on ZamCraft Tekkit server [Factions] [Economy]
    - Removed Post
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