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I play Minecraft, StarCraft and other assorted roleplaying or real time strategy type games mostly. My son and I have both a Bedrock Minecraft Realm we call New Caledonia with a unique story line involving two alien races (Valosani and Gorg) who find themselves stranded on a strange world originally colonized by Human settlers who worshipped old Celtic, Norse and other gods. How this happened is a long story. Ask me about it if you're intrigued. Look for Andarius68 on XBox Live, on discord with the same name and the discriminator #3886 or PM me here for details or apply at our website .

Also, help us play test our new Java Edition server Hy-Brasil.


Ancient Celtic and Norse folklore. Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Esoteric mysticism.

Location Arlington, Texas

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Minecraft Xbox Andarius68 Twitch Andarius2

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