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    posted a message on 24/7 minecraft server

    Reply your ign to join

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    posted a message on [24/7] [Survival] [PVP] [No extra Requirements like Mic or Age] Teleputer's 24/7 Survival PVP Server

    Hello, This server is meant for the more educated Minecraft players, but all are welcome

    and I recommend you have a Friend or 2 help you because people like me are the ones that don't give second chances to people in this game mode

    But anyways, Here are the features of this server

    1. Real 24/7, my internet is very reliable, and if you are playing and the server goes down for more then 1 hour you will get a prize of some sort

    2. An Admin that has no life, meaning i have most of my day on this server

    3. Anti-AFK, i will be checking the server for AFK players when the server gets full


    1. You need to ask me before you raid or break into someone's base. if this is broken, then you will lose your items and your base

    2. Have fun

    So that is all you need to know about this server, i think now is the time i told you how to join it

    Just reply your name and/or send a friend request to "Teleputer"

    See you on the other side =)

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    posted a message on [Looking for Moderators] Teleputers Survival minecraft server 24/7

    Hello everyone,

    I decided to make a 24/7 Survival server for the Xbox 360

    I thought it will be fun to do =)

    IGN: Teleputer

    reply to this post with your IGN and I will friend ASAP

    and if you came here for the Moderator positions

    here is the application format, then reply it to this forum when you're done




    Past experience:

    Other Info:

    Have fun on my server =)

    Teleputer =)

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    posted a message on New Faction Server Needs Admins!!!!


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    posted a message on New Faction Server Needs Admins!!!!

    Name: ipatchcreeper
    Age: 14
    Skype: daniel j butcher
    Microphone: I have a turtle Beach x12 headset
    Experience: Not that much experience
    Building Skill: None
    Redstone Skill: I am a Redstone inventor, I have made vanilla teleporters and A.I and Robots and slime cars ETC
    Command Experience: I am Very good at commands from summoning to spawn protection

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    posted a message on __▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓ Do you want a staff position? ▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂__ [~admin~] [~mod~] [~builder~] etc

    (Title) Ipatchcreepers Staff Application


    Skype: daniel j butcher

    Age: 13

    Maturity: 7/10 i love puns and memes.

    Why do you wish to be staff?:for me and you to expand and protect this server from hackers, says the regular little kid, what I will say, I will like to become a firewall for this server, to dispose of the hackers from the land.

    What makes you better than the other applicants?:well i just cut to the chases, i don't say (i will find ever hacker and ban them) but that little kids that say there "13" or "14"(ragetpro is real a 13-year-old) are always give mercy and says that a warning to the hacker and does not ban them or the little kid will rage in anger and ban everyone that tics him off, but i do not, if you get caught hacking, (kICK), does it again, (banned) NO QUESTIONS ASKED, and im not emotional like my brother that lives on the internet like drugs, and i've been trained by my parents to become a I.T (Information in technology ) and im good with computers and i got a core 2 quad computer with 2gb ddr3 ram and a 120gb ssd if you want to make a lobby server, and my internet is 60mbps down and 20mbps up.

    Why should we pick you?:because i sleep for 4-7 hours a day and I have online school so I'm never leaving the house for school(Conexusonline school).

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    posted a message on [Hydroxus.com] Looking to recruit dedicated builders for our network.

    No teamspeak but Skype i do have
    No previous server work in minecraft (but i had a Team Fortress 2 server with 12 to 24 people join every day)

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