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    For Minecraft

    Bringing the best alien sea survival game to Minecraft!


    If you have not heard of Subnautica, it's a great game! Check it out! Anyway, about the mod. This mod is SUPER WIP and I will not be posting a gallery or anything else supporting the development of this mod until there is enough content to even call it a "Subnautica Mod." So, if you would like to download the super experimental version of this mod, click here. There is not much content to offer yet. I highly suggest you wait until there is a BETA release of the mod. Also, the Subnautica game is actually a Beta game too, so like this mod, there will always be updates.

    Current Version: 0.0.1 Alpha

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    posted a message on SKILLED REDSTONERS NEEDED!

    Im surprised myself how good i am at redstone.


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