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    posted a message on Drainage Grates [Poll Added]
    I would love Notch to implement this into the game. Not only could it just build bridges or have boat uses you could also make traps with the on/off feature using lava. I have always wanted something like this to be implemented in this game. A :Diamond: for you good sir! :Pig:
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    posted a message on My minecraft won't get past the loading page.
    Before today my minecraft was working just fine. The problem is that today i was trying to test out a new texture pack and my minecraft won't get past the loading screen. It says "Done Loading" and the bar freezes about one centimeter away from the edge. I've tried deleting the texture pack but it still froze. Then i deleted and redownloaded the entire minecraft game itself yet it still freezes near the end. Please help me.
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