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    posted a message on Apparently I don't exist...
    I joined a fun minecraft server recently, and had a blast. No problems. Then, I died once, and then a bunch of things happened. At first, I couldn't be seen by anybody, but I could see other people. Then I couldn't use pressure plates. Later I fell in lava, could be seen again but could not be hurt or pick up any items. Oh, and for a while when I used a Minecart, I crashed. Please help! :Skeleton:

    I also bought the game yesterday night and this is my first day playing.
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    posted a message on Hello!
    As you can see from my profile, my name is -Pablo-. My ingame name for minecraft is BLPablo.I'm a user from Blockland and just wanted to try out minecraft. I just bought Alpha and am enjoying the game already! If you have any tips for me, just tell me. Thanks.
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