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    Not sure what you mean comment list?

    But try this:

    Nomad: Realism Mode

    "realistic" carrying capacity: Only 3 torchs/tools/foods can be carried at a time unless being moved a short distance (sword, shovel, pick, bucket, axe all count as tools).You may carry one ladder, after that each additional ladder counts as a tool. No blocks (except wool for tents) can be carried for any great distance. Anything else you can reasonably carry is ok (a fishing pole, bow, a few sticks, a book, a flint ect).

    No creating safe buildings, you must be open to enemy attacks, this means a tent is OK as long as all mobs are able to get at you.

    No building traps for mobs.

    No mining or placing blocks to maneuver, that is what ladders are for. You may dig to maneuver but only with a shovel.

    Try not to stay in one place for too long, wander the earth.

    Have fun, should be a great new experience!

    I just have not worked out decent rules for wood gathering yet. With these rules an axe is pointless because you only need a little wood for tools/benches/chests/boats every now and then, so just punch a tree down.

    I wish saplings could be turned into sticks and sticks into wood planks. Then the rule would be no punching down trees unless you use an axe. This would make people decide to carry a sword and an axe (2 out of 3 tools) or just an axe (decent damage if iron).

    For caves I recommend using a flint to make temporary light as you quickly walk deeper and deeper into the cave, placing a torch when you find an interesting place, this way you explore quickly without slowly creeping your 3 torches into the mine. Alternatively get the "HandHeld torches" mod once it is updated for beta.
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