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    posted a message on what was the fist thing you built in minecraft?
    Well, the first thing I built is some type of house, then an underground mine.

    For a mega build project I built the 3 main Giza pyramids. As accurate as possible in physical dimensions and relative location The largest one was 64 blocks tall. It was when sandstone was first introduced. That took forever since it was a survival build. All the pyramids were hollow and had torches inside on the inner walls to look like constellations that was relevant to the various theories of pyramid lore. I wish I still had pictures of it.

    These days, my usual first big build is a sorting inventory system.
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    posted a message on My Personal Top 10 Most Overrated Minecraft YouTubers: Part 1 of 2
    Is this a great topic of personal discussion about which Youtube personalities between you and your friends....and as such you wanted to bring it to the Internet for *insert reason here*? In the Youtube comments you seem to feel that these youtube personalities are contributing to the immaturity of the Minecraft community in general. Valid concern, but I am not sure to what end.

    I realize this is an opinion piece and it doesn't need a purpose, but the overall tone of the video strikes me as "badmouthing things I don't like and let's see who (dis)agrees?" I am struggling to find the point. God, I am so in the wrong place, but somehow I felt compelled to post this response.
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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142
    I am very glad that EE is being rebalanced. While EE2 was a ton of fun at the time, it really killed Minecraft for me. After 2 weeks getting all these nifty machines working, the only thing left to do in my world was put down new quarries. Everything else was automated. I also love the fact that the mod author is giving back to the community through the GPL licensing of the source.

    While I personally don't play with Tekkit, I think it did serve a purpose. It pissed off enough people that something was done in respect to an easy way to manage mods and served as a lightning rod to focus the development efforts of modders in general. A painful process to be sure, but I'm glad it happened. I've already donated to the FTB cause, and I implore you to as well. It is a Good Thing(tm).
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    posted a message on Piston killa its Insane - [UPDATED] new record 128k hour
    Quote from arl949

    anyway that you could put a .zip version up so that all the ppl on macs could get the map plz :smile.gif: !!!!!!!

    The default archive utility in the mac isn't very useful. Try this, Unarchiver. It's open source and opens nearly any archive format.

    I'm anxious to try this piston killer method out to see how it scales and how viable it is on SMP. To minimize the time people spend AFK at the mob trap. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Circuit request: Delay on Immediate off
    Quote from MarcusWilson

    You can make it only 1 wide by having the input hitting a negate, then the signal goes through a few repeaters (as many as you need for the appropriate delay) before hitting another negate. On top of the repeaters there is a line of blocks with redstone on, right up to the final negate. The torch from the first negate powers the redstone which then goes down onto the last negate:

    R = redstone
    B = block
    T = torch
    D = repeater

    I love these forums. Your solution works just as good. It's great having options.
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    posted a message on Circuit request: Delay on Immediate off
    Thanks. Again, I was over thinking the problem. Here is a GIF of the solution.

    (Circuit designed with Circuit Simulator. Click the image to find out more.)
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    posted a message on Circuit request: Delay on Immediate off
    I was playing around with making lockable chests with pistons the other day and my first thought was to have 2 pistons exchange pushing and pulling the appropriate blocks over a chest. Turns out I was way over thinking that. I got by with 1 sticky piston and a block.

    One of the things that would make working with multiple pistons easier is a type of circuit that would have a delay when switched on and when turned off, that would be immediate. That way, wiring multiple pistons to the same redstone wire would be possible without some additional fancy delay circuits.

    My initial thought was to have a rising edge detector circuit that powers a redstone repeater when detecting a 0 to 1 transition (the rising edge) and when the input turns off, the repeater is not used by the circuit. Relatively easy to think of, not so easy to implement.

    Any redstone wiring geniuses out there want to give this a shot? I've looked around on the forums and the Internet with no luck. If anybody could help me out, I'd much appreciate it. Thanks.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][WIP] More Ores MOVED TO NEW THREAD!!!
    I honestly don't know how you do it, nicaetinismo and others. It drives me phucking insane when people come on this thread and ask for help without even bothering to read any of the replies. Even replies exactly for them, they still ignore and ask for help again.

    1) Take the time to read the original post for any new information and any new messages in the thread after your question.
    2) If you don't understand the response, then say that and ask for it to be explained more simply.
    3) Know how to read Java stack dumps. This doesn't mean you have to know how to understand it, just that you will find some text in saying what is conflicting. This will give a hint as to which mod is causing the problem. Start at the top of the stacktrace and read 1 line at a time. The lines will tell you if it encountered a problem and what is responsible. Often times, it will even say what mod is causing the problem.

    But at some point, you will have to think for yourself when using mods in Minecraft. I know it's overwhelming when you have installed all kinds of mods, fire up the game, and it doesn't work. You get frustrated and want somebody to fix the problem for you. If you apply some very basic rules, you'll become nearly self sufficient and will be a tremendous help to the author(s) and others out there. Here is a general outline of how to apply mods:

    1) Back up Minecraft.jar
    2) Extract Minecraft.jar using the instructions in the very first post.
    3) Copy the extracted Minecraft folder to another folder labelled 'Original' or something like that. This is your base. You will be going back to base a lot. Unless you are lucky enough where everything works the first time.
    4) Download the latest version of the mods you want to run.
    5) Read the mod instructions.
    6) Download the latest prerequisite mods.
    7) Repeat steps 5 and 6 until there are no more prerequisite mods to download.
    8) Now, and this is important, install 1 mod (usually a prerequisite mod) following the instructions, then launch the game. Does it run?
    9) No - look at the Java stack trace and look for hints saying what is wrong.
    10) Double and triple check you have absolutely the correct version of the mod for your version of Minecraft.

    This is where you should start to write all these dependencies down. Right now, it's complicated. It's a pain in the ****. You'll have to think to work out how to get these things to function right. This is why writing all this stuff down works. It forces your brain to slow down and comprehend why, not just the how. And if not, now you have a handy list of what you have tried and can put that in your message asking for help. You will get a much better response from the community it you show that you have put in the effort to try and get it to work.

    11) Yes, installing that 1 mod worked and the game runs fine.

    Good. Now install 1 more mod and see if still works. Repeat this procedure until all your mods are installed. It also helps to write down what you did when things work. For the next time you need to install updated mods. Things will get much faster.

    12) It is quite likely that when installing all the mods there will be an inherent conflict between them. That's frustrating and currently the nature of the beast at the moment. All I can recommend is try and figure out which mod is causing the problem. It usually can be narrowed down to 1 mod that causes the problems. If you have been writing down what mods work and keeping track of your progress, it will be simple to go back to the step where Minecraft works again. Remember, there is no uninstalling mods, you'll need to start from the Minecraft base and install everything up till the step you want to test. Depending on how often you backed up your work, this can take mere seconds to many minutes to do.

    Expect this entire procedure to take at least 30 minutes, if not more, depending on how many mods you want to install. Sure you can speed things up, if you are the impatient type, but when something goes wrong you'll need to figure out why. It helps to go back to the basics and do things 1 step at a time, verify, then do another step, verify again, until you are done.

    Remember this, nearly every time you ask for help on why your situation doesn't work, somebody out there does this procedure. Maybe not exactly how I have typed it out each and every time, depending on their skill in programming or installing mods, they may just remember exactly the step that it screwed up at, how they fixed it themselves, and recognized your situation as being similar to their's so they know how to help you right away. Even the programmers (in most cases especially the programmers) do this detailed step by step. Think about this when you are asking for somebody to help you. You are asking somebody, who you don't know, will likely never associate with in Real Life, to take time out of their busy schedule and fix your problem.

    When you think about it that way, it's only common courtesy to try and fix the problem yourself before you ask for help. You wouldn't ask a perfect stranger on the street to paint your house for free would you?
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][WIP] More Ores MOVED TO NEW THREAD!!!
    Quote from creeper_tssst »
    Seriously no minecraft player has a life they play in an 8 bit game placing and breakin blocks seriously god and if people want to ask when it is the update they can what are you gonna do about it if you keep on saying don ask when it will be updated they will ask more and more times just to **** you off.

    Hahaha. I see talk / responses like this and I weep for the poor souls who are trying to get computers to understand human speech. I can only imagine the learning process for that computer.

    Human: <rambled diatribe on something>
    Computer: "Input error. Please speak more slowly."
    Agitated human: <heated response sprinkled with profanities>
    Computer: "I sense that you are unhappy about something."
    Frustrated human: <shouts a blue streak that would make a sailor blush>
    Computer: "Please evacuate the area. Core is going critical and will explode in 1 minute. Minimum safe distance is 10 earth kilometers. Have a nice day."

    And I'm smiling again. My own world and delusions is much more fun.

    /thread derail over
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][WIP] More Ores MOVED TO NEW THREAD!!!
    It might be best to wait for the bug update to 1.5. ie. 1.5_01

    GD, get the modding API done Notch/Mojang! /rant over
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][WIP] More Ores MOVED TO NEW THREAD!!!
    Quote from LB95 »

    I know as much but I was wondering if the tin and copper from this mod could be modified to work with industrialcraft because however organised I am I'll get confused between the ores from the two mods eventually.

    Is it possible? Yes. Anything is possible given enough time, money, and desire.

    Will it happen? I can't speak for the mod author(s) directly, but I can say that unless there is a really cool and awesome benefit for both of the mods to work together, it is very doubtful. There is likely little desire among the mod authors to do so, there certainly isn't any money to do so, and time is a scarce resource when doing these things. It always takes more time that anybody expects. It's the nature of software.
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    posted a message on Saved games to indicate which mods are used?
    I was thinking about the long planned modding API that will eventually be in Minecraft. I have in my head of how I think it should look but I thought I would voice at least the user facing ones.

    1) A mod control panel that lets the user enable or disable mods. This would also indicate any mod dependencies. Sort of like how World of Warcraft handles addons.
    2) Saved games can be queried for information of which mods are used in that save game. It's just a list of which mods are used.
    3) Saved games that use mods that are not installed will not run, instead it will bring up a dialog box saying which mods are needed.
    4) Some mods do not alter the block list and can optional ran in a saved game. The functionality that the mod has will not be able to be used. There could be a way to indicate in the modding API.

    There are other ones I am sure. Just the ones I thought of off the top of my head. Add to the list if the mood strikes you.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][WIP] More Ores MOVED TO NEW THREAD!!!
    Quote from BlundderBuss »
    Quote from nicaetinismo »
    Quote from BlundderBuss »
    i got a few new ores:
    Ive got a few more but ill post these ones for now

    im not going to add any new ores until i get the ones im working on done, there are far too many unusable ores right now for me to add any more

    Is there a possibility that u could add these ores later on and if u can??

    Is that how this works? Bug the mod author multiple times till they answer how you want? He already gave you an answer. If you want to help suggest uses for ores that don't have any uses now. Or at the minimum suggest uses for the new ores you mentioned.

    Once my life becomes a little less crazy I am hoping to help out with suggestions and maybe even coding.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][WIP] More Ores MOVED TO NEW THREAD!!!
    Quote from ChibiAkagi »
    I agree, take your time. If you read the Word of Notch page, sounds like we may have yet another update by next week. @_@

    Until there is a modding API in Minecraft, I usually won't even update until the mods I use update to the latest version.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][WIP] More Ores MOVED TO NEW THREAD!!!
    Quote from LB95 »
    When I load the game I get a black screen and this error report
    --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT 3cd50986 --------
    I think it's minecolony causing it but I dont know how to fix it.

    When installing mods it's always a good idea to test the individual mods first, then 1 at a time, add any other mods you are wanting. Backup your saves, start the Minecraft launcher and force an update, then start from the beginning. Be mindful of any pre-requisite mods and write it all down. That way, when things change, you will have more information to tell the appropriate mod authors.

    Just a guess, it looks like block ID 100 is trying to be allocated without seeing if the ID is available first. Just wondering aloud to nobody in particular, I wonder if their is a method to see the block allocated list?
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