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    posted a message on HermitCraft Like Xbox Realm!

    In Game Name: OrphamElm965971

    Discord Name: Tiki

    Average Playtime per week: Right now really low because of college but around 8+

    Age: 19

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    Hey there name is Tiki, what i go by for camp, im 19 and a bit busy with college but im pretty active, trying to get back into 360 again.

    I love to farm and go mining. I would like to joing cause im looking for just one really active server i can get on and play, im not on no other servers and dont wanna look for any more if i have too. Just want to chill with others and play. I have a mic but its at home so ill have to pick it up next time im home.

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    posted a message on 🌲 TimberCraft Realm 🌲 100% Survival ♦ (17+) Medieval, Economy, Builders ♦

    Hi Im GT: OrphamElm965971

    Im 19 and i play as much as time permits with me being in college, i play a lot during the weekends and on thursday. I love to help build, though im not the greatest builder alone unless im following youtube tutorials.

    I love to go hunting/gathering. I guess i could contribute by doing anything that needs done. Im just not good with redstone.

    I guess i would love to open up a zoo.

    Or another thing ive always wanted to do was open up a pack llama business to take people on tours where they would ride the llama as we go on a tour of town or of the nearby wilderness.

    (have to think of insurance issues of encountering mobs....) ^^

    Um i dont really know what else to share about myself,

    I do have a mic but i often dont talk a lot, cause its gets hard to talk when there is a full party, and i just dont talk a lot. I dont use foul words either and often will turn my mic off if there is excessive use of them in the party.

    I have discord, skype, discord or xbox is best for communication.

    I have had long standing on a big server on xbox 360 before, im mature, im nice, and im dedicated as much as possible.

    Thats about it for now.

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    posted a message on RPG/FACTIONS Server with Fast add - The Land of Aritzo
    GT: OrphanElm965971
    Mic? Yes
    Age? 19
    Which rule do you like most? #6
    What do you plan on bringing to the server? A character to add that one more body to the story, to help make the story spread farther. And me as myself ill bring my respect and mature attitude.
    Back story for character? Im an Orphan, i have to go this route as my gt has orphan in it. So im Elm the Orphan, i was abandoned at a young age almost unable to care for myself, but i persevered and survived, its time to write my own story.
    How often do you play?
    I play as much as i can i do go to college so its gets in the way sometimes. I play quite often 2-3 times a week and sometimes longer or shorters amounts of time.
    (Optional) What can we do better with our post in order to draw more characters in?
    Hmm, really i think its quite nice so far, i dont see nothing wrong. If i think of anything that could help ill be sure to share it ^^
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    posted a message on Very Active Economy World

    Tried to send a friend request but cant, your friends list is full. So im just gonna send a message to you on xbox and commenting here per say the rules.

    GT: OrphanElm965971

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    posted a message on Minecraft Server (SURVIVAL) (FACTIONS)

    GT: OrphanElm965971

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    posted a message on Now open minigame map! Skywars looking for players now!

    Ive been wokring on this map that has mini games and different contraptions and

    things that others built and that i have built.

    I have just finished the survival sky war islands and am looking for players to play!

    Im am trying to find players right now in the next 30min. grab a spot while you can,

    i am looking for 4 people or more! If we get more than 4 the remaining will be able

    to team up with someone allowing for teams of 2!

    If you would like to join send me a message on xbox

    my gt is: OrphanElm965971

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    posted a message on Looking for servers to join!

    Im looking for some severs to join where i can just get on and play good old survival and relax. I dont mind playing with kids but i prefer to not have them screaming into my mic if they have a mic.

    Im also looking into maybe a server like a guild clan or such where there may be a form or currency in place, would like to really joing one that established already.

    A little about me:

    I have a mic, works fine no complaints about it.

    Im 18

    I like to farm plants


    I like to decorate things and overall just have fun.

    My gt: OrphanElm965971

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    Gt: OrphanElm965971

    Age: 18

    Have a mic but wont use it if not desired

    Usually communicate with signs if mics are not allowed or if others dont have a mic.

    Great at helping little ones, got a lot of patience ^^

    If you add me and your not the one running the server please state where you found my gamertag i usually dont accept friend request otherwise.

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    posted a message on Empire of the IvoryGuard
    GT: OrphanElm965971[/i][/b]
    Mic?: Yes (im usally quite, but talk when needed.[/i][/b]
    Age: 18[/i][/b]
    What are you good at?: Im good at farming(raising a supply of animals and processing them for food and other goods) [/i][/b]
    Im also good at growing crops and producing them in bulk once i have a good starter crop.[/i][/b]
    Decorating [/i][/b]
    I can do other things but these i do the best and enjoy the most. [/i][/b]
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    posted a message on The Districts of Minecraft (Village, currency, jobs, xbox 360 edition)

    [b]Gamertag: [/b]OrphanElm965971
    Age:[/b] 17
    Do you have a mic?[/b] yes
    What jobs do you want?[/b] Farmer and shop owner
    Did you read the rules? [/b]yes What did you think about them? [/b]There pretty good

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    posted a message on Looking for guild/clan server...

    I'm looking for a active clan/guild server, would like one that's well along with a currency system in place. Would like to join a 18+ up one with no kids running around screaming and all.

    Gt: OrphanElm965971

    Age: 17

    Mic: Yes, never had any complaints about it either

    Skills?: Farming, hunting, baking

    Lack of skills: killing, crafting, building

    I'm mature, don't cuss though I'm okay with it on servers, I tend to just tone it out(though I dislike it) I'm just ones of those people who want to quietly live on a server and have a nice home while I bake or hunt and farm and sell to make profit.

    If you have one let me know here or message me in game, ill be on for most of the day today.

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    posted a message on Ages 20-25(survival xbox 360)

    I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask as ive done so before with someone looking for 30+ players. Played with him for over two years before we left minecraft for a while, I decided to come back again, I haven't seen or heard from him though since. so I started playing with them when I was 15, mostly played in survival working on a large project at he had started years before. Know as the wooden palace. If you don't want me to play or join your worlds no offence to me, thought it wouldn't hurt asking. I just want someone other them my 10 year old nephew to play with.

    Age: 17

    GT: OrphanElm965971

    Mic: Yes

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    posted a message on The Thieves Guild
    Gamertag: OrphanElm965971
    Age: 16
    Country: USA
    Mic(No Kinect!): Yes
    Skills?: Im good at farming in survivial mode,
    and good at building in either mode if the materials are present,
    love hunting for food, or gathering food. And im very good at interior decorating.
    Recent Clans?: SSA, im still in it but don't want to stay, would like to find a better suited clan to my style of being leaded.
    Reason for joining? I would like to be in a clan that is active and well runned, im tired of seeing all of these nothing but just build clans, I wanna do something more then just train all day for nothing, am im no better suited then being in the thieves' guild, im a orphan after all. ^^ (not really just going with my gamer tag :P) Im suited better with the shadows and the night wrapped around me like a cloak. .
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