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Hello. If you are reading this, then you must of ran out of entertaining things to read on the Internet. I am Professor Williamsburg Mustache, an active Minecraft Forum contributor. I also go by the usernames Gibble, GblDude and Gibble Dude. I know a very insignificant amount about modding and Javascript, however I do dabble in the world of Photoshop and After Effects. Of course, I am by no means a grown man who gets to work at home and play Minecraft all-day. I'm am but a late 16 year old who likes to use fancy words to compensate for the fact that I am not as smart as I make myself out to be. I would like to believe I am one of the few young contributors on the internet that won't post ignorant thoughts and comments, but you be the judge.

If you need help with something technical, Minecraft related or not, just pm me. I've been around block of the Internet a few times to know my stuff :wink.gif:

Thank you for reading,

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