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    posted a message on [WIP] MCPU - 0x10c in Minecraft! [no DL yet]
    The aim of this 'project' is to create a DCPU-16 compatible computer in Minecraft. The mod will eventually implement all aspects of the DCPU-16 specifications, plus additional 'hardware' to allow it to interface with the Minecraft world.

    This project was started to provide an alternative to ComputerCraft and RedPower Control: taking good functionality from each, and combining it with a (relatively, compared to RPC) well documented specification.

    Screenshots will be added when I have fleshed out the interface, textures and input system.

    Development Logs

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    posted a message on [April Fools] Minecraft 2.0 is Finally Coming!
    [insert 5 letter food substance which may or may not begin with 'b']
    *brace for princess-ification followed by lengthy debate on what 'may or may not' means*
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    posted a message on [Forge][1.5.1][Solved] Blocks W/ Metadata and Different Textured Sides
    I see you've done your research, but there should be something in the Furnace block source code relating to this (I believe Furnaces use metadata for direction).
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    posted a message on Calculating Steve's real height (and other dimensions)
    I'm trying to make a Minecraft rig in Maya, and I need Steve's dimensions relative to the blocks (metres). All I could find online was various contradictory (and somewhat sketchy) measurements, so I calculated his height myself from in game data.

    If you press F3 in game and look at the y-coordinate, you will see something like
    y: 12.000 (feet pos, 13.620 eyes pos)

    This shows that the distance from Steve's feet to his eyes is 1.62m.

    Opening up char.png in Paint.NET, the distance from Steve's feet to the top of his eyes is 28px. Therefore, 1px on Steve's skin=(1.62/28)=0.0579m.

    From char.png, Steve's entire height is 32px, therefore his height in metres is (32*0.0579)=1.85m=6ft.

    To convert any other dimensions from Steve-pixels to metres, multiply by 0.0579.
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    posted a message on [SURV] SkyGrid by SethBling
    1 word: AWESOME
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    posted a message on Simple, Save-and-reload compatible One-Clock
    Quote from humodz

    Well done sir! You have just demostrated to me you cannot read. The above design is a TWO CLOCK, not a ONE CLOCK. Please try out your own designs before posting.
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    posted a message on What makes a good Minecraft Lets play?
    Quote from Smuck

    Don't. There's hundreds of Minecraft let's players already and there isn't room for any new ones.

    And besides, I doubt you have a clear mic and a good screen recorder, or more importantly an amazing personality.

    Look up practically any successful Minecraft Lets-Play-er. Clicky. See that? That's the date they posted the video that made them successful. Now, how many Lets-Play-ers were there at that time?

    It's the freaking internet. There's never no room on the internet.

    (I revived a dead thread just to post this...)
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    posted a message on How to make a minecraft like game tutorial plz
    Step 1) Learn a programming language. I chose Java.
    Step 2) Attempt to make a simple 2D game out of the primitive libraries supplied.
    Step 3) Fail.
    Step 4) Go searching for OpenGL rendering libraries.
    Step 5) Find LWJGL.
    Step 6) Attempt to make a simple 2D game out of that.
    Step 7) Fail, because LWJGL is very complicated.
    Step 8) Go searching for better OpenGL rendering libraries.
    Step 9) Find JOGL.
    Step 10) Attempt to make a simple 2D game out of that.
    Step 11) Fail, because JOGL is confusing.
    Step 12) Give up.
    Step 13) 1 year later, find out that the LWJGL version didn't work because you put 'vec.x, vec.x, vec.x' instead of 'vec.x, vec.y, vec.z'.
    Step 14) Go back to step 6/7.

    My personal experience. :sad.gif:
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