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    posted a message on Finally changed 'DROP ITEM' control

    One amongst many who found the 'q' = drop assignment sub-optimal; in my case I moved it to 'p' as easy to find the key, but out of the way…

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    posted a message on Statistics order completely messed up

    Can't see the top of the list, but (just to cover the bases) you do know that the lists can be reordered by clicking the icons at the top…[although the vicible numbers make this cause seem unlikely].

    Given the ~20 days between the initial question and the bump, one presumes this order is persistant (ie does not change back to the default when exiting and reentering statistics / closing and reopening the game)?

    What version is this from, given the general bugginess of 1.14.x, this might be another example?

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    posted a message on Did villagers restocking requirements change between 1.14 and 1.14.1?

    There have definitely been changes to mob pathfinding [qv. Showstopper 1.14.1 13May19 from _MethodZz_ starting@~1min] which may change the ability to find/recognize WS as well…

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    posted a message on Can't move or walk?
    Quote from Jurassic_J»

    I've tried multiple mouses and keyboards. Yes, can't move any time, anywhere not just mining, in singleplayer mostly

    Anything else running that might be causing intermittent high demand? [Security scan, disk defragger etc.]

    Is there a reasonable amount of free space on the relevant disk?

    Does a similar freeze of the keyboard occur in any other program? [Being able to 'look around' and mine – but not move, suggests the computer is respondng to the mouse but not the keyboard]

    As a test, if you rebind 'forward' [default W] to the center mouse button [default pick-block] can you move forward when otherwise 'frozen'?

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    posted a message on Water logg-able end portal frames?
    Quote from Fahlur44871»

    I mean i did propose creative purposes. in the picture I displayed a form of "wayshrine" whilst the end portal frame was used as a way when you right click and teleports you elsewhere, the end portal frame ofc doesnt water log so the ones under water dont look as good.



    Original picture was rather dark and I was expecting to see an end portal (not a solo end portal frame block repurposed).

    With that in mind… while allowing the block to be waterlogged would probably be inconsequential to vanilla survival (provided that status did not interfer with the actual portal forming/being used in cases where the portal room formed or became flooded), this would not be something to which I would assign a high priority. [Performance and bug fixes being far more urgent for the forseeable future…]

    Put another way, while I don't see a direct downside (assuming changing a block to waterloggable was as trivial as I would expect) and the idea would cause no discernable harm to the survival playing majority while providing some (primarily mapmakers/creative builders) a minimal advantage, the overwhelming problems MS/Mj is having with avoiding both ever decreasing performance and ever increasing bugs make me loath to add any other task (however trivial) to the To-Do list.

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    posted a message on A Weapon Concept: The Bo Staff
    Quote from uwu_chan_owo»

    Unrelated to the post, but where are the Bedrock forums at? It seems to me that this forum is just for Java. I play on Bedrock. Also I imagine the Bo Staff would work the same way shields do on Bedrock where when you shift it blocks and still crouches your character.

    https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft is the section (below Servers:Java and above Minecraft:Editions ) on the https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums page

    Minecraft: no subtitle used to mean java, bit MS/Mj changed this so it now means Bedrock AKA "Better Together Update" (ie without java; this was the update that allowed non-java based versions to play across platforms) AKA Win10…

    Interesting that block automatically sneaks on BR; does holding the right mouse button also block? and does one incur an increased movement penalty from both sneaking and blocking?

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    posted a message on A Weapon Concept: The Bo Staff
    Quote from deputymcnugget»
    "a more strategic and defensive playstyle, as opposed to the "rush-at-enemies-while-hopping-and-spastically-clicking-even-though-there-is-an-attack-meter" strategy."

    A good idea, but one that runs up against the limitations of the interface: essentially MS combat relies on a target designator (eg crosshair) and two buttons (defaults are left mouse = break/strike, right mouse = 'use')…

    unless various bucky-bits are added (shift and control already have asigned functions, but alt and command are possibillities) this effectively limits action to aim [WASD + mouse] and either 'strike' or 'use'.

    [Relying on activating additional modifier keys would be problematic, however… particularly as sneak and sprint both already find use in MC combat.]

    Since even such comparatively minor differences as high-/low-line or inside/outside attacks are not differentiated in the current system, it is hard to see how a two handed weapon that relies on (among other things) changes of grip and switching between swing and thrust attacks could be effectively handled. This objection would apply to not only staff weapons (bō, or quarterstaff – which is the European near equivalent), but also to most flambard style two-handed swords (where the upper hand could be shifted to the ricasso to allow use in a spear-like fashion and attacks with quillion or pommel are available) as well as many polearm types (those that had both significant thrust and slice/cleave/punch functions).

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    posted a message on Cameras in Minecraft!
    Quote from fishg»
    There's not a single rebuttal here that I can think of.

    Quite the guantlet… :P

    Cameras (even the 19th cent. variants) are wildly out-of-period for for vanilla MC [The focus of the educational version is different… thus things like the https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Lab_Table to be not out of place in that context.]

    Technical details are very thin, but the camera and portfolio pages seem to indicate that the pictures are held on the server and called from the various clients. Unless the lag/bandwidth issues brought up during previous discussions of paintable pictures have been solved, these remain arguments against such an item. (A temporary file shared across a classroom LAN with a [probable] very small world size being likely rather different from typical vanilla servers).

    [Assuming the technical details have been fully solved, player created paintings, noteboards, etc (as already suggested) would seem to have greater support and would be more in keeping with the periodicity typically assigned to vanilla...]

    Also assuming the technical issues are no longer prohibitive, I see no reason to limit this to sepia prints: full color would fit both as painting from the usual percieved period or as photos for those playning modern/post-modern maps…

    [Any 'look & feel' objections aside, if a viable solution to the technical issues has been found, having those details could open up entire new areas for exploration…

    Nice find mining in the educational edition, BTW :>:]

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    posted a message on Illagers Pose Too Little of A Threat
    Quote from cds563»

    Minecraft is a game that is almost entirely focused on building.

    Neatly and succintly explaining why the raid system ought to have been an official mod pack/ a fork/ a spinoff rather than written into vanilla….

    Introducing siege engines or some equivalent of Hannibal's war elephants would either result inplayers capturing and using these (or would require the infamously cheaty RPG 'but these only work for the bad guys' routine).

    Even were MS/Mj willing to test if players would tolerate that bilge, one of the driving forces behind many of the recent changes appears to be to DIS-courage large, intricate/complex player builds (something that introducing such mechanics/items wuold work against).

    Since IMO MC should remain "focused on building" (and resource aquisition), what is needed is less – not more – RPG style combat.

    [A case could, however, be made for something like the Ocean Monument where a fairly large but limited area (possibly even a new biome) supported such play.

    Those wishing this sort of thing would have an impetous to explore (or use /locate & /tp), while those prefering the resourcw aquisition and building could ignore the intrusion with comp[arative ease.

    Note that making this a biome would open the possibilty of lampshading specific mobs/equipment as 'dying' outside that biome.]

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    posted a message on iron farms underground?

    Seeing as iron golem spawning has change to not require houses in the sense of a door, block then air, does this finally mean we can build it underground or within buildings?

    At present, none of the required features to spawn golems requires a sky view, so underground/roofed farms are possible (with some published designs adding roofs to protect villagers from lightning).

    Given the state or 1.14.x (and the demonstrated late cycle changes to basic mechanics) what the mechanics in the presumablty stable relaese will be is not something on which I would care to wager….

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    posted a message on Is it guaranteed that the nearest Nether Fortress is within a few hundred blocks from spawn?
    Quote from creeperhal8095»

    In a related note, is there an altitude range that fortresss appear in? My nether portal came in at level 112 (!), and I'm afraid I'm going over any fortresses that might exist.

    Not by any means a scientific sample, but looking at positions I've recorded for blaze spawners in various forts suggests the main fortress forms from ~65 to ~96 with the legs reaching down….

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    posted a message on Updated To Version 1.14.1 - Trader Llamas Despawn Now, And Nether Zombie Pigmen Always Attack Me
    Quote from hesdeadjim11»

    i tried all of that and i even took off running and got a fair distance away, but no matter how far i got, as soon as i ran into one of them, they attacked. i even broke down the blocks to shut the portal permanently, and walked to my remote outpost which is 2 biomes away. at least 2000 blocks. i set up another portal and went in and it opened right where the other one has been with angry pigmen waiting for me. i thought every certain number of blocks was supposed to multiply and take you to a different location in the nether.

    If possible, please post screen shots with f3 enabled as 2000 blocks O-side translates to 250 blocks N-side and the search radius (cylindrical) is supposed to be 'only' 128 [ie. this ought not to happen]

    [Assuming that's 2K blocks in a straight line, might be barely possible to be still in range if the 2k is taxicab…]

    A possible [non-error/bug] explanation is that there are two groups of aggro-ed pigmen (one near each of the portals).

    Assuming you don't mind checking in creative mode, determining if this is yet another bit of bugginess (à la the 40K block raid joining radius) or just something unusual would be good.

    It may be something similar (but effecting the nether) that ought be added to the 1.14.x bug reports at https://bugs.mojang.com/issues/

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    posted a message on Why won’t my dog teleport to me in this scenario?

    Depending on how the teleport button was set up, it may well 'see' only the player[s] in the immediate vicinity when pressed…

    It ought to be possible to write the teleport command to include any tamed wolves in a range that belong to player[s] in range, but whether that accords with the realm owner's intentions for playing the dungeon area remains in question…

    From a technical standpoint, knowing the platform and version in which the realm is running would likely be needed….

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    posted a message on Water logg-able end portal frames?
    Quote from Fahlur44871»
    Making end portal frames water loggable? For creative purposes if anything?


    What effect would this have?

    What purpose would this serve?

    [Pic appears to show a beacon in a cobble wall construction, the relevance of which is nor clear…]

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    posted a message on New ores
    Quote from extod2»

    I feel like this has been requested alot, but new ores would make the game more interesting and fun. The best ore to craft stuff is diamond. You can't craft almost anything with emerald, so it feels useless. A new ore(s) would add so much more exploration to the game.

    Details needed, while an opinion that new ores would be appreciated has some utility, a suggestion needs details (to "reduce an idea to practice" to steal from another context… )

    What is needed is closer to:

    Unobtainiium which occurs [rate] at [levels] in [biomes_list] in veins of [numbers] and must be mined via [technique].

    Mined unobtainium can, once smelted[?] be crafted into widget_A & widget_B

    Widget_A does [this stuff]

    WIdget_B does [this other stuff]]



    RE: emerald ore — is rare enough that its primary use [IME] is as a status symbol (only occurs in veins of one, and only in extreme hills, and… requires silk touch to obtain)

    Emeralds (at least prior to the Pillaged Village update) were comparatively simple (if grindy) to obtain is useful quantity and could be crafted into emerald blocks (one of the few brightly colored [ie easily noticeable] blocks that was both fire-proof and had decent blast resistance… in addition to being redstone neutral)

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