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    posted a message on [WIP] The Ultimate City
    Fully automated systems in your ultimate city... that's cool! I'd like to see it growing and evolute!
    Good luck with your project!
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    posted a message on 1:1 (WORKING) Redstone Repeater
    hehe ! cool!
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    Cool! I like the new ones! You got some fine ideas on this, great! No more Pig Tamer? I like the Void Walker, Enderdragon Slayer and Beyond the Horizon! But they are all great!!!!

    Quote from Matscar

    ...I want mah beyond the orizon. Shall I post 1k posts per day? Sounds a good idea.

    You'll be busy my friend! Good Luck! The Horizon is far away!!
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    posted a message on TNTQc World - Tennis Court, Eco Green Building with solar panels
    Hello everyone!
    These are my recent new addons to my map.
    You will find a Tennis Court.
    Then, a ecologic building called: Eco Green Building. There's a park on top of it and 4 towers linked to it. Those towers and the main one have solar panels on each of thier roof to provide clean energy!
    Then I built the South Port. There's 4 windmills beside it, another clean energy.
    A small ship is alongside the docks and a Lighthouse on the surrounding island.
    - Texture pack: LB Photo Realism.
    - mods used: spc, Crazy Ores.
    That's it for today, see you later folks!




    Thanks to all those who leaves a comment! It's always appreciated!
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    posted a message on TNTQc World - The Kremlin
    Hi! This is my latest build on TNTQc World.

    A replica of the Kremlin In Russia (this is an interpretation; I did not build all the content of the real red square. I took some parts, I modified some... that's why I call it an own interpretation).
    The area is around 115 by 175 blocks, the tallest structure is 105 blocks high.
    I built the main church, St-Basil's Cathedral (I called it: The Main Palace). On its right is the Spasskaya Tower (I simply called it The Clock Tower. Notice that I put the time to around 10h04 PM, a funny reference to the Clock on Back to the Future's City Hall that was stuck to that time. So the time in Minecraft is still running, but the time on my Clock Tower doesn't move!! ;)
    In front, I made a gold statue rising a sword in his hand. There's a sign below it saying: The Tsar welcomes you! On the left, I built a kind of Administration and Tourist Guide Office. There's a Pedestrian square in front with benchs and a fountain. On the backside, there is a garden.
    I took more night time shots, because of the nice lightning effects.
    - Mods used: spc, Crazy Ores (where the 2 blocks (green: zectium and orange: copper) are from. Thanks to Andy608 for his mod)
    - Texture pack: LB Photo Realism
    I hope you will enjoy this one and be sure to comment, it's always appreciated! See ya!

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Thanks Simo for the update!
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    posted a message on Epic CastleVania Adventure in TNTQc World
    Hello Minecrafters,

    TNTQc is growing again and in a fashion way!
    After a tribute to Zelda and Metroid, I could not ignore one of my favorite game: CastleVania.
    So, I present to you my own version of the first classic CastleVania game in my Minecraft World.
    It's an approximation of one month of intense work!!
    - Mods utilised: Spc, CrazyOres.
    - Texture pack: LB Photo Realism 256
    The screenshots are sorted by stages and a final Castle overview.
    (There's a lot of images, but I put a lot of "spoiler" buttons to help navigate)
    Hope you will like my constructions.
    Please if you do, give me some encouraging comments, it helps a lot to continue my quest for achievement!
    Thanks to all!!
    Here we go:

    Stage 1.

    The Vampire Bat!

    Stage 2.

    Pillar of Bones


    Stage 3.

    A giant Skeleton

    Giant crows

    The Mummies!

    Stage 4.

    The Bone Dragon


    Stage 5.

    A Knight

    Death!! (The Grim Reaper)

    Stage 6.


    Castle Overview.

    Thanks for watcnig! See you soon!
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] CrazyOres - Dungeons, Epic Golems, Mobs, Food, Unique Armor, and much much more!
    Quote from nintyboy245

    wow! thanks! but i think ill wait till you have an armor fix. ;) at least im having fun in the Aether now. :D sucks that they're not updating it anymore, but that's only because they're making an Aether II! :D

    I have waited so long for the Aether update (was a headache for me); played MC version 1.0 from November to March because of that. Now, I decided to get rid of it permanently. Got to rebuild a lot of stuff in my map made with Aether's materials! Found this Crazy Ores mod interesting :)
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Quote from milithistorian

    Sheesh. Why can't people learn to stop spamming mod creators to update. It's just sad.

    TRUE... even when we ask them to stop spamming.. they still do, poor them, it's like talking to a coconut! :Sheep:
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] CrazyOres - Dungeons, Epic Golems, Mobs, Food, Unique Armor, and much much more!
    That mod looks nice! cool to add ores and items with utilities!
    I'm creating an adventure map and I'm searching for new blocks and items to work with.
    Is it compatible with singleplayer command, so you can spawn your items with the id number?
    (In the video trailer, he works with spc)

    Good job, keep on the good work!

    And this guy has a lot of decent ideas!
    Quote from Ladon_Dragon

    You know, it would make a lot of sense if we could make copper (but no gem) buckets. Or just use copper to make a normal bucket. I can add it using a recipe mod, but just thought it might make sense to include in the mod. Maybe bowls too. Copper bowls are nice, and better than iron ones I'm sure...

    Quote from Ladon_Dragon

    Oh, forgot one thing I was thinking just now. I think it would be cool if there were special uses for the other ores too, but I know it's a lot of work to do a mod like this...

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