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    I like this idea... that would make the game full costumizable!
    I'm starting to read stuff to understand the "codings" (cos' I have no talent or knowledge of programing (maybe just... yet), i'm only able to create artistic works) and I would like to push that further; learn some basics of coding, but programing is a "foreign language" for me.
    So that simple mod development tool would be very great for me and others with same ability, and it would enhance the Minecraft experience a lot!
    It would be tough to develop, thats for sure: the forums will be crowded with problems like it was said earlier (I agree) and a lot of texture problems with all new stuffs modded (or created). But for people like me, it would be very nice.
    On the other hand, I totally agree with all the modders that know and learned the coding aspect; it would make their work "pointless" (maybe it's not the correct word); they have the privilege to know the modding (they studied it or learned it anyhow).
    Bottom line: I would like it a lot for sure; I understand some won't; that's my humble opinion.
    * Some synthax or phrase might be wrong - english isn't my first language*
    Anyway... Cheers to all minecrafters!!!
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    TNTQc World is still growing up and
    the section called: "The Yeti Caves" is now finished.
    This area is a icy, snowy and dark labyrinth with traps and hard jumps to avoid drowning.
    If you can manage your way through it, you will end face to face with
    the giant Hymalayan mythic creature; Abominable Snowman;
    The Yeti !!!
    (Texture pack used: LB Photo Realism,
    mods used: SPC (Worldedit)and the Aether)
    Hope you'll enjoy... if you do, please leave encouraging comments :)

    The beginning of the cave is below the totem called: Inuksuk
    (the Gate to the Yeti caves will be open if the Metroid section is passed
    (look previous sectoin called: TNTQc Metroid tribute)

    The caves are made with snow blocks, ice, lots of water pits and some cobblestones.

    Dark ice labyrinth

    And finally... the Yeti !!!

    - Thank you! See you next time!
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    posted a message on Contact Mod Creator
    Hi Lou, I didn't want to post here... all I wanted is to give you a +1 reputation :smile.gif:
    You answered a lot of my questions in spc thread
    and you seem to be a funny guy with some replies and info (like your location)!
    Cheers buddy!!
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    posted a message on [Mod Install] How to install the Aether Mod using MCPatcher [01/11/2012]
    Fresh Windows installed, fresh Minecraft...
    and after following the video tutorial,
    it works all like a charm!!! :rolleyes:

    Special thanks to Lunaqua for his helping thread and cooperation and to cocopuffs99 for his help too... really, thanks guys!
    (I couldn't see the video before (Windows problems) and the way I was installing had small differences with the tutorial;
    I guess it made all the diference, hourray!!)

    I put the stuff in this order (spc just before aether and the spc-playerAPI patch right after aether (like I did manually, but the patcher did the difference, no more water-lava bugs!))

    Here a snapshot of my detailed install order:

    Again, thank you!
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