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    Hi, I'm new to MCForum, I don't know if this goes here but I had a question (btw my friend recomennded this to me for this type of help)

    I have a question about two things for my map: TNT and "fireballs".

    One, TNT. How do you make it so when you place a TNT block, it gets destroyed and a live tnt takes its place. The next part where the TNT falls to the ground and breaks only a couple blocks (wool, wood, sand, etc.). This is the way the sequence should go... player places TNT, TNT instantly gets broken to get replaced with another tnt (if not possible dont worry), TNT falls to the ground, TNT explodes; breaking some wool and wood, player jumps down and destroys bed, and etc.

    Two, Fireballs. I did this in 1.12 with snowballs, and I'd like to continue using it that way. Basically, a player right clicks a snowball, snowball dissappears whilst fireball is summoned in its place, fireball gets sent in the direction the player was facing. Anyway, if you can figure that out, that'd be great.

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