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    posted a message on The Aquatic Update

    I also think that it should be called “The Aquatic Update” because that just makes more sense to me and sounds better to me. I’m just gonna pretend that’s the name of it and not care what anyone else says.

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    posted a message on Rubies!
    Just for fun to see what info I can find I went on Google and looked up Emeralds. Just because it's a habit I went to the images. I saw all these pictures of Emerald Tools and Armor and I thought "That would be so cool if it was real!!!!" Then I found a link to something called "Rubies" and I didn't know if it was real or not so I clicked on it. I found out, before it was replaced by Emeralds, Rubies had Armor and Tools that were better than diamond! I think Rubies should be brought back to Minecraft! Not as a replacement to anything but just as a new item.

    Each piece of armor would be 1 armor point (Half Armor.svg) better than diamond making the full set total to 24 armor points (Armor.svg × 12)(25 max with enchantments). Of course Ruby Horse Armor would also be available as a loot in chests in dungeons, abandoned mine-shafts, Nether Fortresses, strongholds, etc. to protect your riding companions. The Ruby Sword would have 10 attack damage (15.50 would be the max with enchantments). There would also be Ruby Shovels, Pickaxes, Axes, and Hoes which do the same thing as always but better. I was thinking that maybe there could be a new special tool made out of Rubies or one of the regular tools has extra uses but I couldn't think of any good ideas for this so suggestions are recommended.

    Rubies are as rare as Emeralds but, rather than being found in Extreme Hills Biomes, Rubies are found in Mesa Plateau Biomes. Also you would be able to make Ruby blocks that are a red version of Emerald Blocks. Obviously the blocks, tools and armor (except for Horse Armor) are crafted in the normal way. I've tried not to make this too OP by making Rubies very hard to find, the max protection of the armor only 5 Armor Points (Armor.svgArmor.svgHalf Armor.svg) better than diamond and the max attack damage of the sword only 2.25 attack damage better than the max level of a diamond sword. If you think this is still OP please give me a good reason why you think so and I can do something about it. There are some pictures of what Rubies look like in the Attachments.

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    posted a message on Rubies!
    Quote from twixy531»


    Completely uncreative and unrealistic... rubies have been a topic for years, and diamond will always be the top tier armor/tool material.

    What do you mean "unrealistic"!? It's Minecraft! Barely any of it is realistic so why should this be!?

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    posted a message on Different types of wooden objects/Iron Fence Gate idea

    I was building my house out of jungle wood planks with jungle wood on the corners and a jungle wood door. I also made a balcony with jungle wood fences as railings. Then I wanted to put trapdoors and signs in my house and found out you can't make them out of jungle wood! Or any wood other than oak for that matter! I think they should be made from other woods so it matches better. I go to the search bar of the creative menu and type in "trapdoor" and all I found was "Wooden Trapdoor" (made of Oak wood) and "Iron Trapdoor". I really think that you should be able to make trapdoors and signs out of all the different types of wood.

    Also while I was looking for other types of wooden trapdoors and signs in the creative menu I saw that there is all different types of wooden doors along with iron doors and if they add all different types of wooden trapdoors and there is also iron trapdoors you can kind of see a pattern that all the stuff you make out of wood you can also make out of iron. That is not true, however, when talking about fence gates which are also made out of any type of wood but not iron like doors and trapdoors. I believe that Iron Fence Gates should also exist.

    But Doesn't That Mean You Also Need Iron Fences? That Would Probably Be Really Expensive...

    No not at all because there is already a fence in Minecraft that doesn't have a matching fence gate so this could match with those because they are both non-wood items. I'm talking about Nether-brick Fences! I for one think the darkness of the Nether-brick Fences would go perfect with the bright white of Iron Fence Gates!

    Okay But You Still Need RedStone Power To Open Them.

    Well of course just like Iron Doors and trapdoors Iron Fence Gates would need Redstone power but that's simple to solve: you can put pressure plates on either side (although if your using the fences to trap stuff in or keep stuff out that wouldn't work well) or use buttons or a lever just like anything else. And as a special bonus if you put Redstone torches on the Nether-brick Fences on either side of it you can just click on it to open and close it!

    That's A Really Cool Idea But Instead Of Waiting For Minecraft To Maybe Add This In The Next Update Why Not Just Make A Mod That Has All This Stuff?

    I thought about creating a mod that gives you these items but why waste all that time and hard work to create a mod that provides items that should be in the game anyway!? Please recommend ways to make this better. If you have any ideas on how to make this better please suggest them in the comments.

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    posted a message on Chain Armor crafting recipe/Chain Item

    (To all the people who say that not being able to craft Chain Armor makes it cool and special I think that it should be able to be crafted so you don't need to comment saying "NO SUPPORT!". Also to all the people who say I did the math wrong I have edited it so the Chain Armor has the same durability as Gold Armor and I hope you are satisfied with that)I think that you should be able to craft Chain Armor but because you can no longer get fire to craft it you should craft it with actual Chains. The chains would be crafted with four pieces of iron in a circle with a hole in the middle. Then you would arrange the chains in the normal pattern to craft the Chain Armor. Here is the crafting recipe for chains:

    And as I said you would just arrange the chains in the normal pattern to craft Chain Armor. Also because it takes 4 iron to make 8 chains Chain Armor takes half as much iron as Iron Armor. It's protection is equal to the protection of Gold Armor making it better than Leather but worse than Iron. If you have any ideas on how to make this better tell me in the comments.

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