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    posted a message on BuildCraft pipes vs Thermal Expansion ducts vs EnderIO conduits, or something else?

    Which ones are your favorite? Which ones do you use the most and why?

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    posted a message on [Idea] (Dis)connectors and power conversion

    Lots of people use technical mods that include item/fluid/energy transportation in form of pipes/cables.

    Adding pipes/cables that attach to other pipes/cables and and are able to block the flow based off redstone signal would be more than great.

    Being able to configure how those connections act would be amazing too, some possible configurations could be:
    1. Block/allow flow while receiving signal

    2. Block/allow flow on pulse

    3. Toggle flow on redstone pulse (like flip-flop switch)

    Another great thing that we could use is power conversion cables or power conversion connectors. There are 2 major power units (EU and RF) and it's well known that 1 EU is 4 RF, it would be great if there could be a mod that adds conversion cables or conversion connectors so that players could run their IC2 machines on RF and thermal expansion machines on EU.

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    posted a message on Call To Battle 2 - Authentic WWII Experience

    I don't really take suggestions.... well because for one.... this mod is three years in the making, and I make less then $0(server costs) on it xD. So, now that I am an adult, except when I am able to take time off of my adult priorities(which unfortunately only is able to happen when people fund me.... =( ), I always work on my vision of Call to Battle to further it towards the end goal. Otherwise, I would lose motivation and it would die. Believe me.... there's so much I wish I could do.... but am just not able to as a single person without any funding =(

    However, there are two things I noticed from your long list of things I wouldn't be able to do without support from the community..... these are:

    5. To be able to further my vision and not lose motivation, a more complex method would not have been possible. But, I realized long ago it is a necessity for there to be a way! Right click an empty magazine, and it will fill it with bullets from your inventory.

    6. Originally the custom music was only supposed to play when you had a quickskirmish or were playing on the official server, that's a bug and should be fixed!

    I didn't know. I though you're taking suggestions because of what the launcher said. I didn't know it was possible to refill magazines, that will be super useful for me now that I know, thanks!
    Great mod anyways, thanks for making it!
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    posted a message on Call To Battle 2 - Authentic WWII Experience

    Sorry if this isn't the right place for suggestions but I have a few of them, I hope they aren't too hard to implement :

    1. Gun GUI :
    It would be really nice if we could see how much ammo we have in our gun and how much magazines/ammo we have in our inventory while using the gun ( without the need to get in our inventory)

    2.Ammo bag:

    Ammo takes way too much space in our inventory that we often need for other stuff like mining, tinkering, building, mob loot and so on. Besides that solders in WW2 always had bags separate from their backpacks where they would carry ammo, magazines and emergency supplies. It would be great if we could have bags (maybe different bags with different storage levels) that we would either carry in our inventory or equip in an additional armor slot where we could store our ammo and medical supplies. Being able to reload directly from the bag without pulling the ammo out and putting it in inventory would be great too, as well as using medical supplies while they are in the bag (using a hotkey)

    3.Medical tents:

    Back in the WW2 they had tents where meds would help wounded soldiers heal. Adding such tents that act like bed except that they function during the day, they don't make too much time pass and players heal while laying in them would be great. Another great addition would be making them have inventory that would accept medical supplies and making them required for said healing to work.

    4.Ways to automatize ammo/medical supplies production:
    Lot of the people don't use Call to Battle alone, lots of them use it in conjunction with technical mods like IC2, BuildCraft, Thermal Expansion, Ender IO and such, having a way to pump required materials into the workbench and have automatic output would be a great addition.
    Another alternative is adding regular shaped workbench crafting recipes that would use the required amount of materials so that automatic workbenches can be used, it would be great if this could be toggleable in the settings.

    5.Ammo refill:

    Throwing empty magazines is pretty wasteful so back in the WW2 solders used to refill them when they had enough time, and they would do it on the go. Being able to refill them using already crafted ammo in our 2x2 crafting station just like we can repair our vanilla tools would be awesome. The idea here is that if you would put 40 bullets next to 100 bullet magazine it would add 40 bullets to it so if it had 20 bullets before now it would have 60. If you would put two stacks of 40 bullets next to 100 bullet magazine it would add 80 bullets, if you would put 3 stacks (120 bullets) it would fill it up completely and return 20 bullets.

    6.Toggleable music:

    Some people (like me) like vanilla Minecraft music more, having an option to toggle between vanilla music and Call to Battle music would be amazing.

    7. Flashbangs (would add blindness effect in an area), smoke bombs (would create fog in an area),, gas bombs (would create colored fog and add poison effect in an area), no need for any comments here

    8. Tents with chests and beds, as well as campfires and flags. No need to explain

    9. Different uniforms

    10. Canned food :
    Could be made from any meat in a machine, would add more hunger points and would be faster to consume.

    All in all, it's an amazing mod but could surely use these things added

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