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    posted a message on NEW! DuskCraft! SURVIVAL | SKYLANDS | PVP
    Looking great! Excited to wipe the map with Red. >:]
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    posted a message on DUSKCRAFT!
    I'd recommend this server to anyone interested in settling down somewhere. The staff is very friendly, donation packages are cheap and awesome, and the community is very welcoming.
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    posted a message on --Dogs of War-- [1.00] [BRAND NEW!] [Bukkit] [Survival] [PVP] [16 slots] [iConomy] [Chest Shop] [MobBounty] [Factions] [NO WHITE

    Are You...

    ...tired of playing on massive servers and feeling anonymous? Do you hate walking for long periods of time just to find a spot to settle down? Looking for a new server to fit your needs? Dogs of War has just what you're looking for.

    Who Are We?

    We're a small group of gamers dedicated to one thing and one thing only--making the best experience for our community. We believe that it's our community that makes the server what it is. We're players who are tired of playing on servers where the owners have little to do with their members and the staff seem to be staff for the title alone. But most importantly, we're Minecraft addicts.

    What Do We Offer?

    Our biggest advantage from other big name servers is the fact that we're able to be interact with each and every player that joins. You don't get your run of the mill, automated 'Welcome' message; each person that joins our server is personally welcomed by player and staff alike. We strive to make people feel at home and want to stay for the long haul. Our staff is friendly and they'll help in any way they can.

    Plugins List

    • iConomy
    • ChestShop
    • Factions
    • Essentials
    • NoCheat
    • NoLagg
    • MobBounty
    • Votifier
    • HawkEye
    • LWC
    • MCBans
    • bcVote

    Player Ranks
    • Recruit
    • Grunt
    • Soldier
    • Veteran
    • Premium
    • DogofWar


    We're always happy to take donations, as this server is ran by cash from my wallet. Those who donate also receive perks in return.

    For $5:
    - diamond tool set
    - ability to set multiple homes
    - 5k in game cash
    For $10:
    - all the $5 perks +
    - ability to use fly mod
    - 15k in game cash

    You want to PVP? Go ahead, it's enabled for a reason!

    Want to become a entrepreneur, sell your wares and rise from rags to richest? ChestShop and MobBounty are here to make you as rich as you can work for!

    Feel like sticking it out on your own in the wilderness? You won't have to walk far to find the perfect, quiet place to make your home.

    Vote for us on Minestatus and receive in game cash! Remember, you can vote every 24 hours.

    We hope to see you there!
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    posted a message on Can't Keep Up...
    I keep getting the "Can't keep up! Did the server time change or is it overloaded" or something like that. I know its not the time. I've been running the server on my desktop (Gateway FX, Intel quad core Q6600 processor) by opening the .exe file, and I'm running the Minecraft client as well...

    It won't let me connect to the server, so I do need a way to resolve this. Any ideas?
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