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    posted a message on Getting an elytra

    It's true that Random Number Generators as thresholds to get stuff that helps-defeat the "R.N.G( 's) ." later feel like a 1-time steep climb. Thresholds can be rough.

    I try to have fun when being repeatedly-defeated by this Game Mechanic by enjoying the other ones, sometimes even while-attempting to get-to the next "'loot' 'box'" ("banned" in at least one "country" - or more? - now! [would this apply to MC..?]), sometimes not. So for example, we used to have to get Melon Seeds from AbMS Chests (I don't think it was Dungeons, but maybe), and often Pumpkin Seeds as well (if we just couldn't find Pumpkin patches on the Surface).

    I'd make a point of just Fighting everything - get better at that - using Water Flows to move-Hostiles away, Build more-and-better, and even entertain thoughts of TNT (which might destroy Spawners) but mostly Lava. But often I couldn't find an AbMS, and /or going-through it to find - such - Chests, which might or Might Not contain such was Not going to give a soon /favorable result.

    Which's why I'd do all-But that, at other times. I wouldn't make anything hinge - my sense of anything like "forward" "Progress" in a Game - on any one thing (heck, otherwise I might enjoy Hardcore more [on the flip side, ever heard of "Progress Quest"?]).

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    posted a message on I just used the one stack of Iron to make a bunch of Iron Boots and that is all I had, what do i do?
    Quote from Yu_Katsuragi»

    The only option is to mine again except if you don't mind changing the game mode to creative.

    :/ This is the kind of thing I'd occasionally just "Revert" (technically-"Cheat," to my way of thinking), using Creative (Mode). But mostly it'd be annoying lessons learned 'Til (learning " /gamemode creative " ) then @.@ .

    Quote from BloodyPhoenix»

    Go mine some more and remember not to shift click things like that when using the crafting book. At least a stack of iron won't take long to get back.

    Also - speaking of Creative Mode - Still don't Shift-Click the "X" box in the bottom-right, which Destroys The ENTIRE Inv'y. ( :blink: !). Shift-Clicking as pointed-out by another here Used to inflict a painful items-destroying "Bug."
    Quote from Yu_Katsuragi»

    Ikr, 32 iron ingot is fine but 1 iron ingot + 7 nuggets are not worth it.

    no /kidding
    Quote from Founderlenin»

    There is nothing you can do to get those materials back, the best thing to do now is simply saving those boots and using them.

    Since they provide the least-Armor overall ( /Iron consumed), it's sort of like creating an accidental "safety net." G /l.

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    posted a message on minecraft future.
    Quote from monomo»

    guys i heard microsoft bought minecraft, is this game gonna die now?

    Well, another "co." just "bought" the Forum - yes - this - new - Forum, before it closed (activity, became-only an Archive). So.

    Mixed. Bag (but that news is a year or so old, isn't it? meanwhile it continues to be favored much compared to "Fortnite" [which is significantly "'pay'-to-'play'"]).

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    posted a message on An Interesting Choice in 1.14.3 That Will Affect your Defence.

    Yeah, there've actually been a Fair-bit of changes, already to Villagers' and Illagers' behavior - Behavior? a lot of it, being (re- , in the Villagers' case )Changed. (Since the full Update-released) As for Armor, yeah, I couldn't even believe they'd keep it that way - just like Crossbows, some'd been all-but fearful [F] outright before - on the edge of: "oh, no! It's New!! runn!1!1!" ; which I still barely-use (well, don't yet) Months-in.

    Perhaps the Villagers'll even Trade them..? you never know, could happen in a future Update... Trade - (to) us - Emeralds, for (our unwanted) Enchanted /regular Armor (no wait, they're all-about Getting-Emeralds, other than Diamonds-specifically - and except the "Nitwits" /sometime-"Unemployed" - which're already-Green or else "Undecided"). But "testing more, less issues" of course doesn't sound as interesting as "whole New, Armor, 'without "Cheat(ing)(s)"' !"

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    posted a message on Sleds!
    Quote from DuhDerp»

    Minecraft has no real way to tell what's a slope or not, so how would you determine that you're going down a hill versus off a tall cliff? Or would it just be plain falling with movement (like sprint-falling)?

    I've got a couple thoughts up-on this, one being those "Snow layers," which I-think can - be made to? I'm actually in one right now, and all-seems to just Naturally be single Blocks (easier to Move-over - "Jump, Jump, Jump" - but still, like the again-Biome name, [Snowy] Plain[s]) - up-to 8, I think it is, which Do-function As inclines - allowing us to Ramp, without-using Slabs /Stairs - while still-having that same effect. Perhaps there'd be some Rail-like effect? where the-further one goes from the last-descent (or Powered Rail or Nudge, or whatever [Explosion, you name it]), the more one slows-down??
    Quote from fishg»

    I think this is a fun mechanic that provides a nice use to dogs and make snow biomes more fun. Could see a winter update later down the line for the Revamp with chilly content like this. But I agree with DuhDerp- how will the game determine if you are going down a hill?

    If Dog-sleds could be used with Leather and /or String (and so on, maybe Iron for the "Slead," er "Sled," and /or Leads-for specific-Dogs [which could affect speed, number-of Dogs on Leads { /Leashes.. though this could be a "Dog-walking," mechanic, Anyway... where they either "Pull"- forwards and /or Randomly, if like Real Life, heh}]), it'd be an alternative to - already - existing Ride-able, Pigs. There might need to be some speed-difference, though, between this and Pigs, to make it more-worthwhile in Snow and Ice, Biomes.

    Perhaps - yeah, there could be a speed-reduction, when not-on Snow - I've just been "toboggan'ing" a lot, on the Frozen Rivers, of my closest Snowy Tundra, and I don't think a Real-Life dogsled would do quite-as well (if nothing else, it's harder-to turn - like the Boats in MC on Ice - due to being relatively-frictionless) on ice. There could even be a significant speed-gain, where perhaps less-Dogs would be more-like a Pig's speed, but more-Dogs would be slightly-more than a Saddled Pig's speed.

    The Tricky thing, is that a Biome-specific (and - again - not so much, even on the often-common Ice) form of Transportation, would be (with the possible-exception of the Entire Nether, for more-rapid overall Transportation, Across-Dimensions, via multiple [2: Overworld, Nether, Overworld] Dimensions, as an almost Transportation'al Dimension, more than Dimension of Transportation [sort of like: "'Department' of 'Transportation' / '"Motto, er Motor" "Vehicles"'"]) prohibitively-selective and-rare (overall). Even my contributed to Idea someone'd had about "Whales and Ocean Volcanoes" - "Blubber Blocks," for (larger-than Boats) Ships that'd Float (a la Slime Blocks' own Flying Machines, of Blocks-held together) - would themselves be basically-restricted to more-than the-smallest possible Bodies of Water (so larger Water Ponds, as opposed to little pools, Rivers that are more-Water than-not, Lakes-fully that are large /deep -enough, and of course Oceans [which we now have 7 of 8 theoretically-possible variants of Oceans, as "Deep Warm Oceans," are Not a thing, in Reality {due to the way Oceanography works}]).

    I'd kind of wondered whether Villager Children /Babies would be able-to "Saddle" - themselves - the-smaller Animals, such as Wolves /Dogs. In any case, it's a great Idea /Suggestion above, for what to do when there's a shortage of Ride-able Animals, in what often seem like Frozen "waste(land)(s)," otherwise (of course having "sled-marks" after would also keep-it from being as-"trackless," and be-removable nearby Players via Snowing).

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    posted a message on So who actually plays singleplayer survival

    Not quite the same as the - "combat" - "vet(eran)." above, but for similar-enough reasons. People are people, and it's generally more-fun for me to interact with people I(n) R(eal) L(ife) than via Gaming, howsoever-Fun the particular Game is.

    It's not that I'm avoiding people - just found a relative that likes to Play it, and friends got me there /here in the first place, 7 1 /2 Years ago, we Played a Year or-so - it's just that generally Online - again "Online Interactions Not Rated" (by the E[ntertainment]S[afety]R[atings]B[oard] [I think]) one'll see often, of late - people are-Different from how they are in (In?) Reality. Getting to know them - over Years - only to have them almost-inevitably go-their own-ways, amidst-Gaming - whether Chatted-about or-not - is always going to feel like a "mutual 'stakeout'" (better than "M.A.D. ," of course), 'til it's over / "over," at which point, "what's done is done," and one Really feels like they'd done Much Virtually, only to not-Actually have anything in the Real World, to be-able to show-others, much, about for it.

    It's a similar issue - related, if possibly at right-angles from one-another - to "'social' 'media'." Again, Online(-basically).

    'Net's not the issue, as much as just - already limited - contact /engagement people Can have, with what's on 'Net /Online / "'electronic' comm'n(s) . ," as-opposed to telephones-before, were pretty-much considered "electrical" ("pagers"-since are more this other way ["'exclusive' 'comm'n. '," again un-like Online Forums]). Not having it - fully - public, even - this "woo, minecraftforum!" ("splash," like: "Look, mum, I'm in a splash!" ; being-Removed, not just, "the work of Notch!" - 1 guy - before) is itself being taken-out, after this all-but taken-down - also tends to keep not-just people in (their) little boxes, but not even let-anyone else have any hint (Anonymity, all-but "enforced"), who those other people are.

    Just check out: "the 'G.I.F.T. ' theory, of the Internet" ; basically, how 'Net's created / "created" (destroyed?) from (the) Internet(-before). Just try not to get caught-up in oneself, and /or 'it.

    Oh. And the beginning: I keep it interesting, because I know that I can decide if - what - (it) matters, or not; SSP of course is more-interesting to me, but really, I tend to attempt-to get it closer-to just-Exploring, Building, Surviving, and /or Adventuring.

    "It's not who 'wins' or 'loses' ; it's how one Plays the Game." "The journey is more important than the destination" (and /or "the means matter more than the end").

    'Course, I hardly ever get to. The End.

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    posted a message on So, the forum is being closed for new messages, where do we go instead?

    I guess the other related topic is:

    Permanent life support /The Ark-IV’ing

    Does anyone think it's better to have less /limited stuff? I ask this to all the "Texters" ...

    It just seems a little "final." Business' re-solution.

    In-theory, "customers" have - give - input. But in practice..

    We're outta here. Either way.

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    posted a message on The Endless War...

    I think I did 5 Hours of Real-Time (which was about 4 actual Gaming hours of Real-Time, so about Roughly [3 Game days /Real-World, hour] 4 X 3 = 12 Game days, not-counting Sleeping in Beds for previous Hostile Mobs, so probably closer-to 18'ish'ish Game, Days [Burned some Undead, Phantoms-avoided: Daytime Matters post-1.13 more-than ever; as-does Nighttime, of Night{s}]). It Is possible.

    It felt kind of "Buggy," And - Yes, like you (and this is probably-Why) - I was Killing the Banner-holders / "Captains," Probably of Illager PATROLS (i.e. not-originally Spawned-as Raiders, Perhaps, and /or who Joined the Raid once-Started, this All in hindsight). Now, I Don't think it was actually-"Buggy" at all - and have noted such here in the Forum to other people complaining about-such and /or Illagers( ' existence, I think )-generally (i.e. , their New, existence at-All, basically other than Witches and outside-of Woodland Mansions, Most Players Generally are not-in particularly long, at all) - but yeah, like you, it was - a bit - Confusing.

    I've been Experimenting with Raids, Testing them at "Test Villages." First not-walled, then Walled 3-high (with gaps, and they can Crowd and Bump each-other under, in the River going-around about 105º /360º [something-under a third] that next Village).

    This was the Only-exception, to them "work(ing)(s) as intended," as Mojang would put it (as described that it should function, more-or-less between the MC News and-Wiki [itself-]updated, to reflect that). Again, Once I started only targeting the groups of (took at least 1 /2 Hr. , but again wasn't really keeping track of time, just lots of Pausing and UnPausing) More-than 4-5 Illagers (and also focused on the ones which had More-than Pillagers-and-Vindicators [you refer to the most-Dangerous, Evokers above, but describe the practically 1-hit axes of Vindicators], i.e. Witches, Ravagers, Evokers and their [censored] Vexes [very Vexing!]), I think I stopped getting "New Bad Omen Effects."

    Again, normally in a Raid - once it Starts - I'd Never (before nor-after, so this wasn't like "it Broke," and then "never-worked," again) get the Bad Omen, Effect. Killing The Banner-Holder / "Captain," then Getting it, was-part of what proved to me that it was beyond not-just a "not-normal" Raid, but even that.. Illager Patrols...? Could-be affected (I'd noted Witches-could Join, and otherwise wandered sometime-Raiders could-Join later Waves of Raids, too normally) by the sheer presence of an active local Raid where they were.

    One trick, was the Wall (in the "Secondary Test Village"). Often, they'd "Act 'Bugged'," and - especially after a little while - Wouldn't attack me (even when I was attacking them: so this was my Only way I've found ever to do Melee-Fighting, of a Ravager, for-example; to find-out how many [it's a lot, of course] hits they would take, to kill /Kill [are they "conscious /sentient"? whatever]), when they were Just-beyond the Wall (which was usually just-outside of the "Raid Bar-designated, 'Raid' area" (as I-think defined-by the "'Work' /Job Stations," of Blocks with-Villagers nearby [I don't think the Beds mattered as much, but still checking this, they definitely Rush-towards the Bed{s}, and So, Part of the "semi-Bugged" behavior may be that they're Trying to "Rush" to the - middle of the, more-or-less - Village or the Bed{s}]).

    It was funky. And totally funked up my usual 1-3 Hr. Raid-countering (in previous Experiments /Tests), I must've gone-through like - instead of 7, in Hard Mode - about 3X that many (again, didn't keep track) "Waves /Raids."

    And sorry, but I wasn't-keeping track (between having to Switch-into Creative Mode, typically, to take-out the Evokers /their Vexes-Summoned, typically after being-killed by them) of the Raid Waves, to attempt-to figure out which given # of Raid Wave, I was in. But yeah, made me think of the "'Infinity' 'War'" series (as in, "series[es?]") out now of "'super''heroes'" (because "'sequels' are 'so awesome'") in movie theaters.

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    posted a message on Stop pillager spawning

    Most-best - possible - use of Lava, ever..? The trick with Water-alone is they Seem to Follow me up to at least 100( 'ish) Blocks away (very roughly: Illager Patrols seem to stay-still and be-aware of me about 32 Blocks away; so stop-Patrol'ling onwards), once they've Targeted me.

    I'd thought I could continue a Grass Path route within about 200 or-less Blocks of them (their Pillager Outpost, of Re-Spawning), Build a Bridge over the River which thankfully wrapped-around them about 120º (that's 1 /3rd of 360º of a full-circle), but even though the River slows them down (since an Update in the far-distant now past which Slowed all-Mobs including the Player a bit, in Water, dramatically), I Still have to move-away from them quickly, once I get-away on Land. And on Land it was impossible: so I'd only ever easily be-able to Build the Bridge from the "safe(R)" side.

    I'd recommend what my plan was: Build "safehouses" (with Escape Tunnels, somewhat-more easier since now-at least Trapdoors and 2-high Fence Gates, one-Closes when-in the Block, makes one start-Crawling at 1-high; slower: but less- Digging /Mining, to Build one, going-sideways [dunno if we can Crawl-Jump, haven't tested-fully to go 1-Block high while-Crawling]). Join them up (that's how I'd Build the Bridge, which might as well be an Underwater-too Tunnel, at that point meh, "Pillager Outpost, 'Chunnel'"), and gradually find-where you can Build a Wall in-between (find their Spawn-Range from the Pillager Outpost in the Wiki, it might be 64+ Blocks, dunno).

    So Ring them in - at least - and then decide. "To Lava or not to Lava?"

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    posted a message on What types of villager professions for maximizing emerald output in 1.14?

    So a related-enough concept to this is how the Player can most-best make-use ("Raid Farm," YouTube Vid. I've already seen and re-Posted, in here) of the New, "Hero of the Village," Effect, both to get better Trade rates, and sometimes-just incidentally "Gifts" from the Villagers, while-doing so. Also hanging-around - and in a more-Safe generally environment so one Is more comfortable And can do-so, longer with less-annoying (if still as-common) interruption(s) of (in Survival, Mode) Hostile Mobs, and the New, Enemies - one is more-likely to have the Wandering Trader be-Findable, near-oneself, offering additional - sometimes very-useful, occasionally important (though I don't think they Trade, Bamboo, nor-do Villagers nor-does the Composter [ab?]use-it) - Trades, involving (the same) Emeralds.

    So it'll be good, I figure, to keep a half-Stack of Emeralds, at least handy(-enough, such as in an Ender Chest), for such eventualities. How the Player can be a better "Village Saver /Protector."

    One of the advantages of Sugar Cane (over even Bamboo, to be clear, for example) is that-No resources are required to Harvest /Gather it most-efficiently (whether "auto-Harvester" of above or-not: oh yeah? ; and those of-course take their own-resources and-Time [Have You Had Your Redstone - Ever-UpDated - Mechanics, Tutorial, Today?], to set-up, and are not-as easily portable, as say Tools /Weapons, in terms of doing so in an easily-useful way [though see Ender Chest just-above, for making this easier]). As much as I love the Idea of the Sticks-Trade, ref'd. above, of Fletchers' , I'd still have to keep-Enchanting D(iamond) Axes to Cut-down Trees, to Get-these (and so-far Use all-mine for Torches, et. al. Crafting; with only like 1 /4 of my Stick-supply: coming from this New, Leaf[ Block ]-drop, yet) - a full Enchantment Library of-Enchanted Books, to best-add the-missing - desired - ones, yeah.

    Leaving Farmers (the new specific-"Profession" of which is related-to Wool, in next-most ex. ) : Wool (I even pre-1.14 for-sure did the Shears, Trade, so I could Trade-for More-Emeralds, overall via Wool), and the relatively-new Farmers' own Farming, of Food-items; which they use to Reproduce. Can't Trade without Villagers (I wouldn't recommend waiting around for the Wandering Trader, alone).

    But really the rest is up to each of us. Individually (what do we value more /less, our Individual Supply /Demand, at a given time?).

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    posted a message on Survival Mode: What do you guys do in yours?

    Don't worry, I made a Lot (like 150) of New Worlds (only about 50 with extensive-time investment) with significant build-up (Build-up, even, sometimes-Up). As above, I Tended from their first introduction to focus-upon Villages.

    Basically, other than giving me that instant-Diversity of Crops (which I couldn't get most-other ways remotely as-quickly, Especially in the Desert [where there's no Grass, so no {Wheat-Plantable} Seeds]), I was there for the Loot (which was occasionally Diamonds and /or Obsidian, possibly not any longer [will have to check] in 1.14 Chests, so far [there're just a lot more of them, though so it's spread-out, quite a bit more]), and Trade-later.

    Yeah, I Farm several things mainly: Sugar Cane (no Tools /Weapons necessary for instant-Gathering) Crafting it into-Paper, Wool (which give Shears in-Trading for more-Wool.. so it's not a Complete waste-of - the - Iron), and various Food-forms that are most-efficient for their own Farmers' lately self-Reproduction, significantly-enough to matter; we have to Reproduce them for inevitable-losses due to Zombies (for-ex. : not sure if Z. Sieges can start in well-Lit areas; or not). Anyway, Z's. used to be able to hit - and Infect, not just kill - through corners-of Blocks (diagonals without Blocks-there, which is part of natural Village, Generation).

    But I Build-whatever, and often keep materials in Chests until I've Nether Portal-Connected stuff, and then freely Mule /Donkey transfer things around (I still don't really use Shulker Boxes - which can be stored in Ender Chests - just the Ender Chests, as using-Elytra in the past in The End to get-around faster - one of the more-reasonable ways of Transport[ation] there - used to not-really be Mend-able, and now we can just kill and-loot those annoying Phantoms for Elytra-Repairs [but I'd have to - again - get in the habit of getting Elytra, for that]). Still not sure about what I can use Llamas for any-better than these, just that they generally carry-less and are slower (but can form Llama, "Trains" [formally named?], so multiple-carriers' worth of materials, up to around-10 of them).

    Mostly I just try to keep the Logistics easy-enough I can Colonize anywhere, and don't-have to get-back to a given spot. It won't "end the world" if I don't-visit wherever, whenever.

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    posted a message on Unacceptable game breaking updates

    Sometimes the trick is to chill out, and wait (yes, I'll read the Original Post after, and change this if it's fundamentally different). I just noticed a "Hyper-Active" - beyond-wandering - Wandering Trader (its Llamas weren't, and they were easily-enough able to follow as it often doubled-back, so they didn't-even have to move, much overall).

    It probably "ended-itself," on a nearby line of Sweet Berry Bushes I'd Planted. While I was down Exploring, nearby.

    But it's a not-quite "Pre-Release," I'd "Auto-Updated," to. I Could've just stayed-with a "more-stable," v. but at That point it'd be "Super-stable," and honestly, other than the Snapshots (especially), and Pre-Releases (ditto somewhat), MC Is a "relatively-stable" - if technically "always 'in "beta"'" - Game, so I wait, and mostly that works (though it May-take several Updates, just to Be-Aware).

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    posted a message on How often do you die in survival?

    A lot. "The more the merrier."

    Or dead-er. "Your Mileage May Vary" (YMMV, tvtropes.org).

    Or, as I considered it in another Game, I found very-Fun, despite dying a lot. "I should get frequent dying miles" (as I yet-again ran before stuff-Poof in 5 min's. 'ish).

    I guess if I Cared (much) about Exp. (Pt's. ), I'd change my attitude. But it's been later (heh, accidental Pun, "late'r") than sooner.

    "Death is a part of life." And Respawn.

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    posted a message on So, the forum is being closed for new messages, where do we go instead?
    Quote from Toadrunner»

    Oh no, this is terrible news. I took a look at some of the alternatives mentioned in this thread, and there is no obvious replacement.

    I learned so much reading this forum and I am grateful to all the experts who have shared their knowledge. I also want to express my thanks to everyone who took the time to answer all my questions. I will miss these forums terribly.

    So I just want to thank everyone for trying to comm. while they still can. Generally, a 'Net - Discussion - Forum, in which all-can Comment (and there are Moderators), if identified (somewhat) while they do so, that's visible-to the public (even if again it May be "'members'-only," Commenting /Replying), IS the "gold standard," of comm'n. since the telephone, and really, nothing's come-close to being as-good as it, since (even e-mail's not "open to the public").

    'Net was Originally designed for comm'n. Not Information (of course, despite "Information Age").

    Quote from Smurfamel»

    Yeah it sucks that it has to end but nothing lasts things have to end at some point.

    But really? Does it (When it's the most-Popular, Game, of all Time so-far..?! [still being Played, even As-much, since, even-more, really])??

    Quote from y2k_ign»

    I truly don't get what anyones getting out of destroying the forums

    See next.

    The forums were expensive to run and never made a profit. This was a business decision.

    Gee. "Community doesn't (directly) 'make a "profit"'."

    Oh. "Noes."
    Quote from BigBossGerhard»

    This is the best option I have seen so far.

    I just Up-Rated a Lot of these options, because they are - All of them (despite what - still "temporarily" present-here - Moderators, say) - Options, and there's - practically Forced-to be now, "more than one way to [fill-in the-blank]." "Good luck, have fun, (and) don't die" (MultiPlayer sign-off).

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    posted a message on How do you kill a trident wielding drowned

    It generally takes me 1-2 Shields (depending on how many Hostile Mobs there are, how slow I am - there's Knockback from the attack - and my luck in Moving-correctly, in Water) for a Drowned, pretty-much my highest Shield consumption rate. This is if you're also-trying to use a Looting-Enchanted Sword on them, to increase the drop rate of the possible-trident(s they're throwing at oneself!).

    Yeah, any-more than 1 trident-wielding Drowned is a Problem, on Hard Mode. I'd start to use a Bow, too (to, you know: " .. 'Survive' !" ; as goes the Main Menu, Splash).

    I am pretty sure that a Shield offers less-overall consumption-of materials than just Armor-alone (plus Enchantments would consume-more, Exp. Pt's. , for this of course, less-tangible resources). That said, almost makes me wish for a: "Shield 'of Infinity'," heh; can't remember if they're Enchantable or not.

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