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    Our showcase builds of the server!

    *NOTE all builds were done in a survival hard setting - These images are only the finished product of a long term build.

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    Hello and welcome to our page!

    This page was last updated on: 8/19/2016

    Server status: Open

    This server is run and managed by The Anarchist Build Team - all standard rules and regulations apply

    About the server: This is a kid friendly server which was opened nearly 9 months ago. We've finally reopened with some minor fixes and repairs and are ready for a new player community! We strive to create extremely active servers with extremely active players. I keep the server open daily and we've truly seen a lot accomplished!

    This world has never entered creative. Host privileges have never been turned on. Leaderboards for this reason are enabled. Some of the builds made by my team and I are very advanced as many of us practice for our competitive builds. Please do not share these ideas or interfere with their building process. Thanks!


    -No griefing (This is an obvious one, don't make..."edits" to player's homes or farms)

    -No stealing (This was our biggest issue last time...please don't steal, if you need supplies, just send me a message. We're a very well developed server and resources are no problem for our older residents.)

    -No loitering on my lawn! (In all seriousness, just don't hang around, play the game as you would normally. Many people feel scared of theft if you're just standing around or hanging in their house)

    -Keep swearing to a minimum! (I get it...you may be some white-chocolate gangster boy who wears his pants 3 inches too low, but keep that behavior out of this server and all servers run by our crew)

    FAILURE TO ABIDE BY ANY OF THESE RULES: Will result in a possible ban from all servers run by my management team and I, Thank you.

    About me: My name is Logan, owner of a community of minecrafters known as: "The Anarchists" We have been hosting servers across all platforms for several years. I hope to share a common, friendly, community to all players who truly enjoy the game and play actively. I'm currently looking for moderators for several servers and also more mature players to help out and teach a thing or two to newer players.

    So if you think you're interested and you're really active, give it a chance by...

    -Sending me an Xbox message with the following message: "I'm ready to craft!"

    -Leave me a message here with: your name, age, best skill (mining, building, etc.) and why you would like to join!

    -Feel free to leave server suggestion here as well! As a ever-expanding server, many community owned buildings/farms are becoming more necessary, if you have an idea for a farm or build to be designed by our team, please feel free to lend us a hand in making the server more enjoyable for all!

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    posted a message on *Extremely Active - Open every day* KID FRIENDLY, COMMUNITY SURVIVAL

    Status: Version 2.0 is now open! (As of 4//22/16

    Hello and welcome to the post! I ask that you please read the description and rules, but other helpful information can be found by messaging me in-game, or right here on the forum! Thanks!

    Description: Welcome to the closest thing to a PC server we can get. This world is a 100% pure survival world - meaning it has never entered creative, no host privileges have been turned on, and it will count towards leaderboards! This is a community server. This means that we work together as a group. Trading is encouraged and griefing/disrespect is not appreciated. This world is kid friendly - meaning that language, and overall verbal abuse will be closely monitored by yours truly - if it does slip, it may be overlooked. This world will be open nearly every day, and active members are greatly appreciated.


    -No Griefing/disruption of other's builds - this means to just stay away...if it isn't yours don't mess with it, our goal is to work together and create an amazing world!

    -No theft - looking into other's chests just isn't acceptable - if you ask, I'm 100% sure somebody can trade you the item you need, or give it to you, we've already had 2 reported cases, believe me, it's not worth it.

    -No Begging - This is obvious...we're a community - so please help each other out, but consistently breaking this rule is not tolerated

    -Be Respectful - Don't harm others/their property, respect younger members, and overall - make friends!

    So, let's show each other a good time - to join the server, simply leave your gamertag, your age (or the age of your child) and if you have any questions. You may also send me a friend's request/message @ xxnoobslayer13

    Word to the wise - treat this as your own personal survival world, most people don't appreciate you building right next to their home as items can go missing or stolen. A trading system will soon be implemented.

    See ya soon!


    About me: I have been hosting servers for almost a year now. I am what many may consider a competitive builder and many of the builds on this server rival that of creative builds. I assure you everything is 100% made and gathered in survival and encourage you to prove it yourself via the leaderboards! Enjoy your stay!

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    posted a message on *Extremely Active - Open every day* KID FRIENDLY, COMMUNITY SURVIVAL

    Again, sorry for everyone who has been waiting but the server has become nearly full. If you wish to join - you're still very welcome but please send me a message @ xxnoobslayer13. I generally check my messages around 5pm central timezone. The server is still up and running every day and I encourage you to send a message and try it out.

    If you wish to join the server, please use the Xbox messaging system rather than posting on the forums - it's become increasingly difficult to keep up with both.

    World Update: Currently we have around 10 houses set up and several farms. The enderdragon will most likely be dead by this weekend and wither shortly to follow (We have 1 skull at the moment). So far no Morgan Freeman statues have been built. We shall soon change this.


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    posted a message on *Extremely Active - Open every day* KID FRIENDLY, COMMUNITY SURVIVAL

    Friend's requests sent out - Server is open :)

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    posted a message on Survival Server! - No Host privileges! Community Server - Fast add

    This has been my personal survival server and probably one of my most developed worlds. It's in hard mode - but I think you'll find it's easy to get into. The world will never have host privileges on, nor will it ever enter creative - I'm really into the leaderboards ;)

    This is purely a survival server for those looking to play survival with other people

    Features of this server:

    -100% automatic iron farm (You'll have to ask me before you enter)

    -11 stacks of wheat semi-automatic farm (Hoping to extend it all the way down to bedrock one day)

    -A castle where you may build shops

    -A skyscraper where you may own your very own floor of this soon to be 60 block high super structure.

    -I'll buy certain materials from you if you're looking for an easy way to get some diamonds (Fortune III pick has been kind to me ;))


    -A mic is not required but suggested

    -No passing the glowstone border! you'll see it...it essentially includes my house and the iron farm

    -No killing outside of the arena (coming soon - therefore you can pvp anywhere outside of spawn)

    -Basic survival rules - you can build anywhere (not directly at spawn please - be logical)

    Enjoy! Add xxnoobslayer13 to join!

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    posted a message on Looking for interior build help on a MASSIVE cruise ship! Soon to be Hunger Games map!

    Like it says in the title, need somebody to come into creative with me and finish up this interior. This map is going to be for hunger games so I want it to look relatively good. I'll let you overall choose how you wish to build the rooms and add in your own style.

    Message me/send me a friend's request for invite

    GT: xxnoobslayer13

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    posted a message on Factions Server

    Can't wait for it to start, I'll be there!

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