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    posted a message on It's been around two weeks since I started looking for an old server I used to play a lot on, is there a way for me to find it?
    Around 3-2 years ago I played a lot on this one server, and I haven't played any since then. Could there be a way for me to find it other than just scrolling through server lists? (player tracker websites didn't have it)[/p] If by any chance you happen to play on this server here are some things I still remember:[/p] It either started with an A or the game I always used to play on did.[/p] That game around four teams that had to destroy the other teams' core (like mega walls and such, no respawns after it had been broken).[/p] There were several classes to choose from, I only remember there was a grappling hook one where you use a fishing rod to propel yourself.[/p] The server Had a website where you could buy classes for real money (and maybe xp), classes also had a free rotation. (tried looking for it in my search history but couldn't find it)[/p] Each team had a mine for different ores, the ores were always in the same spot and would just regrow after a few seconds.[/p] My friends and I used to play on this server every day, it would mean the world to me if we could play on it again.
    (sorry if this isn't the best place to post this, but this is my only option, I asked all those friends and none of them could remember, I also looked at their player trackers but could not find it. This is all the information we managed to gather up.)[/p]
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